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This audio program contains an introduction and 4 powerful healing processes to revitalise yourself, connect to your divine healing power to experience a healthy body and tools to move through stress.

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Create Perfect Health By Addressing Different Aspects Of Your Healing Capacity

The program begins with Inna leading you through a practice to connect with your Inner Power to give yourself an inner makeover when it comes to your inner authority.

The second audio invites you to access, energise and utilise Divine Healing Energy.

The “Create Perfect Health” audio guides you through all the systems of your body, towards the creation of perfect health. You can use this audio while awake or asleep to heal every part of your body.

The final audio helps you to superboost our energy and destress! This is a shorter audio  that is 7minutes long and so easy  to listen to anytime you have 7 spare minutes during your day to recentre and recharge yourself.

      Audio Program Outline

This audio program consists of the 5 audios listed below with a total time of 68 mins.

Introduction 4 min

Inner Power Makeover 4.52 min

Access, Energise and Utilise Divine Healing Power 15.37 min

Create Perfect Health 32.50 min

Super Boost Your Energy & De-Stress 7.06 min

ONLY $37.95 AUD

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