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What is the Fasting Masterclass?

The Fasting Masterclass is a webinar presentation that’s jam packed FULL of information that will transform your life.

You’ll learn all about fasting, why it’s so great for your health and how to successfully complete a fast whilst maximising your healing and detoxification. You’ll be inspired to take charge of your own health and make some simple yet profound changes to your wellbeing!

Who is it for?

The Fasting Masterclass is an invaluable source of information for beginners who have never done a fast before OR experienced short/mid length “fasters” who want to take on some longer fasts (up to 40 days).

What does it cover?

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  1. Why you should fast regularly and how it benefits your body
  2. How to prepare for a fast so you have minimal detoxification symptoms
  3. What to consume, when and for how long
  4. The difference between juice and water fasting and which is best for you
  5. How to manage fasting when you’re at work
  6. The 4 stages of fasting and what to expect
  7. The tools you’ll need to make the most of your fast
  8. Safe fasting and how to monitor your fast with blood tests
  9. What to do if you hit a healing crisis
  10. How to break a fast properly so you’re fully nourished
  11. What can be healed, and hear some amazing inspirational case studies
  12. What to do after your fast to maintain the positive changes you’ve made

You’ll also get a Daily Fasting Plan to keep you on track.

Fasting can be done anywhere, any time and by anyone.

The power to heal yourself is in your hands!

ONLY $199.00​ AUD

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