Are you ready to be free from pain?


    This audio program asks questions, such as what is the purpose of pain?


    What can it teach me and how can I use it to transform my life?

    ONLY $37.95 AUD

    Pain is often a messenger from our body, and when we learn how to listen to it rather than push it away, it can be an inner teacher for us.

    Inna guides you through powerful processes to help you activate your divine healing ability, work with colours, release pain, awaken love and heal.

    This audio program contains a powerful introduction, two guided tracks specifically designed for pain release, a separate emotional release process and a process to connect to the authentic you.

          Audio Program Outline

    This audio program consists of the 5 audios listed below with a total time of 42 mins.

    Intro 12:10 min

    Experience Pain 11:13 min

    Activate Your Healing 14:14 min

    Healing Your Stuck Emotion 7:11 min

    Create Joy 12:40 min

    ONLY $37.95 AUD

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