12 Month MENTORSHIP Program to become an


Are you clear on your calling? Connected to your gifts? Ready to step into your role as a healer support and grace?

This is an intensive 12 month mentorship program to personalize your process and support you to step into a world waiting to receive you with open arms.


This program is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Become a healer and share your unique gifts

  • You’re already a healer and want to develop to the next level

  • Or you understand that as you continue to work on yourself, everyone in your world benefits!

Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM

Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER HEALING JOURNEY

Becoming a healer is not for everyone but you don’t need to do this alone.. Just like the birth process, it’s crucial to have consistent, individualized support as you emerge into the world.

Otherwise we find that

- things take longer

- we struggle with not knowing

- we can feel lost, alone or abandoned in the process



This experience for me has been absolutely amazing! I have learnt so much profound knowledge and I now have so much more understanding about myself and my life.. This had the perfect amount of sharing, question and process time. Inna is such an amazing teacher and her workshops/courses have changed my life. I look forward to continuing this journey..


Thank you Inna and Heal Thy Self!​

In this environment you can truly flourish. You can experience the ease, the flow and the abundance you truly know is possible.​

As you become empowered and learn to empower others, there are still challenges you must overcome. By now you realise the power of having a mentor to guide you and a community to support you.


You can manifest your dreams with full support and guidance from Inna surrounded by a community to like-minded souls


As we journey together you’ll have the opportunity to ask Inna questions, share your personal challenges and receive her intuitive guidance and support. 

I got what I came for.. which was the experience of dealing with my limiting beliefs and getting clarification as to the pursuit of my health coaching career. I also received clarification on how to approach healing the deeper physical ailments..

Thank you Inna!



I am totally blown away by the extend of the Inna's knowledge of what I call the world behind physical. She really gave us a glimpse of what she knows.. I am so happy knowing that the history and the origin and the explanation of things I thought are lost and there are only stories left from past is not truth. I love this process of slowly opening doors to our human existence and evolution..

Thank you Inna



I have gone through the most magical experience of healing my unhealed parts of myself. A lot has changed in my head because of the work I have done with Inna... how I view my life and I have noticed changes in my relationship with those closest to me too!

Thank you Inna!



Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM

Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM

This is the new way of creation in the world.


Supported by my community, yet personalized to you, so we can all change the world.​


This is a unique opportunity - and we don’t know when it will run again.​

Taking you to the level of Mastery

Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM

Yes, include me in Inna Segal’s INNER CIRCLE PROGRAM