I created this series – in order to give you the best tools, processes, meditations and wisdom possible – so that you can successfully connect to your body and heal.

Inna Segal is a best selling author and leader healer and has created this video series with all the essential information that anyone can use for at home healing.

Many people have asked me how do I tune in and communicate with my body, how do I work with my negative thought patterns, how do I ground myself, how do I work with my emotions? How do I work with energy and colour? What is my pain trying to teach me? Where do I start from, when I am healing myself? How do I use The Secret Language of Your Body in the best way possible? Do I need to create a healing practice, and if so, how do I do so in the most effective way possible?

The Secrets of inner healing series answers all those questions and more. As well as giving you many practical exercises and processes to work with.  You can choose to work with one part of the series – as that is the part which you need the most help and support with, however ideally you work with each one step by step.

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  • Module 1: Tuning Into Your Body

  • Module 2: Releasing Thought Patterns

  • Module 3: Transforming Emotions

  • Module 4: Colour Healing

  • Module 5: Releasing Pain

  • Module 6: Your Guide To Working With The Secret Language Of The Body

  • Module 7: Cultivating A Daily Healing Practice

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