Embracing Your Inner Child

Transform your inner terrain from, stuckness, victimhood, limitations,

numbness and exhaustion to true wholeness, wellbeing and self love.


  • What powerful secrets you Inner Child Archetype holds.

  • The Shadow and the Light Aspects of the Inner Child and how to befriend them.

  • How a stunted Inner Child will cause you to become sick.

  • The true benefits of working with your Inner Child for greater wellbeing.

  • What Aspects of you develop at various ages and how you can begin to truly understand why you think, feel and act the way you do.

  • A variety of processes to help you nurture you Inner Child, at various stages of growth, that will bring you peace, deeper intimacy, heart opening, healing and vitality.

  • Work with the Abandoned, Wounded, Rebellious and Divine Aspects of your Inner Child for greater transformation and healing.

  • Release past Pain and Trauma and learn to re-parent and champion your little self.

  • Work with a powerful process for Forgiveness.

  • Take full responsibility for yourself as you work with the Self Love process.

  • And so much more…

This course will give you the opportunity to truly get to know the deepest most vulnerable aspects of your inner self. It offers you some of the most powerful tools available to transform past unconscious, hurtful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving into truly beneficial, conscious, inspiring, uplifting ways of living.

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