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Intimacy Accelerator Program

Intimacy Accelerator Program

Create Perfect Health [Audio}

This is Audio Program helps you to revitalise yourself, experience a healthy body & dynamic energy.

Freedom From Stress [Audio]

In this audio program you’ll learn how to experience freedom of stress.

Affirmations [Audio]

This Audio contains an introduction and 4 separate audio affirmation tracks for Happiness, Confidence and Wellbeing

The Secret Language V2 [Audio]

This is Part 2 of The Secret Language of Your Emotions program

Reboot The NOW

It's time to throw out the old programs and Reboot The NOW with a new vision in mind.

7 Principles of Health

To move your body back to ultimate health, all you need to do is incorporate these 7 Principles.

Mod 2 | Releasing Old Thought Patterns

In this Course, Inna Segal teaches you how to Release Old Thought Patterns

Divinely Co-Creating Your Reality

Divinely Co-Creating Your Reality