Ready to sleep better?


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day, not only to rest, regenerate and heal, but also to connect to Divine Beings and our Higher Essence.


ONLY $37.95 AUD

When we don’t have enough sleep we feel exhausted, uninspired and weak.

This audio program includes one process to help you relax, let go and fall asleep.

There are also two tracks of amazing healing music to help you let go and heal and fall into a deep sleep.

      Audio Program Outline

This audio program consists of the 4 audios listed below with a total time of 63 mins.

Intro 3:22 min

Relax, Let Go & Sleep 12:21 min

Music For Relaxation & Sleep 23:24 min

Music For Meditation & Sleep 23:22 min

ONLY $37.95 AUD

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