Healing processes for a deep connection with your higher self! 

In this program, Inna Segal guides you to connect with the higher aspect of yourself. You will learn how to befriend this higher part of yourself in order to increase synchronicities in your life. This program contains processes that you can use again and again in order for you to deeply understand who you are and how to create the reality you want. 

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Divinely Co-creating Your Reality... 

From childhood, a lot of us have been taught that money is hard to get, that prosperity is just material and that success is defined by status.


Yet have you really taken the time to define what it means to be uniquely you?


By truly getting to know yourself, you step onto your path of success instead of constantly living in stress, strain and competition, which often leads to frustration, low self worth, and burn out. Continually, wondering, why you are not further ahead.


I have spent years, travelling around the world, meeting super successful authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, entertainers and business people. I have shared stages with best selling authors, have had my books published in many languages all over the world and have been on TV shows in front of millions of people.


Yet I realised that true success comes from within.


 It is an ALIGNMENT with your purpose and a willingness to evolve your soul, whilst befriending Divine Forces to support you on your journey of inner and outer enrichment. 


In this online course, I would love to share with you what I learnt about success, money and prosperity.

This course is full of practical processes that will inspire you to:

  • Dream big
  • Create a soul map 
  • Learn the art of playfulness
  • Befriend and multiply money with a gratitude process
  • Processes to refine your self expression and manifesting through your heart.
  • Strengthen Why you truly desire something, instead of limiting yourself with the fear of How you will attract it.
  • Discover why it’s vital to keep your agreements and an exercise for releasing old agreements.
  • Understand the importance of a momentum cycle
  • Why super successful people have an expanded nervous system and how you can do the same.
  • How you can use difficult experiences to grow.
  • Begin to understand your destiny
  • Manifest your dreams with your chakras
  • Why it is vital to master the basics and how to build a strong inner foundation. 
  • And so much more…

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ONLY $490.00 AUD

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