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The Sleep Masterclass is a series of 5 short videos explaining the importance of sleep, how a lack of sleep really affects your overall wellbeing, and how you can improve the length and quality of your sleep.

You’ll also learn how the 7 Principles of Health can affect your sleep.

Who is it for?​

The Sleep Masterclass is an invaluable source of information for anyone wanting to improve the quality and quantity of their sleep so they can more energy and vitality the next day.

What does it cover?​

In this video series, you’ll learn:


How what you eat and when you eat can affect your sleep

How bedtime rituals can set you up for a great sleep, and what you need to avoid before bedtime

How to create the optimal environment for sleep

How to make the most of the sun and ensure it is working on your circadian rhythms in a positive way

PLUS, you’ll receive a bonus affirmation meditation audio file that you can listen to at bedtime to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. 


The power of an amazing nights sleep is in your hands! 

ONLY $199.00​ AUD

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